American Honey (2016)

by sfe medusa

(dir. Andrea Arnold)

Left the cinema immediately feeling like I needed to see this again. Not too sure what to make of it really, but in a positive way.

Think maybe because the majority of reviews I read beforehand gave it a bit of a nihilistic edge – all partying and fornicating – so I expected Spring Breakers with a love story.
What I got instead was nearly three hours of the agonising feeling that something was going to go really wrong, and Star (the captivating Sasha Lane) was going to get in serious trouble. I’m now 23 going on motherhood.

I think that (hopefully) all youtz like me sit in the cinema and sardonically watch films about youtz with the smug sense of “been there, done that, got more wonky”. Perhaps that explains the agonising feeling, it’s like watching your own recklessness get reckless with ITS own recklessness, and nobody seems even slightly aware that they are beckoning trouble with the shofar of silliness.
Din’t never party with some cowboys in white suits though.

Despite the nausea-inducing bass and bottle-swigging so violent you could smell the vodka, I felt like there was little focus on the partying. Which was a relief, because anyone can do that. The film captured more hope and irreverence; the infinite invincibility of being young.

The sex scenes were something else.