(X) A Fantasy – Group Show

by sfe medusa


I thought the work I’d enjoy the most at this group exhibit at the David Roberts Art Foundation (which I hurriedly rushed to before its closing date of 7th Oct – go git!) would be Dora Budor’s frogs set in resin, the very frogs from 1999’s Magnolia that were threatening to rain down on you much like the iconic scene in PTA’s masterpiece. It turned out that I didn’t have an individual favourite at all, instead felt most satisfied by the way the artworks existed together.

It’s a great space, there was a stillness present even on a Saturday, and the layout lent itself to a wander back and forth and back and forth again, like you were eternally pacing the nightclub of France-Lise McGurn’s sprawling mural, looping ad infinitum like Keren Cytter’s one-take film Der Spiegel which was playing in Megan Rooney’s tranquil environment of violated mattresses, stockinged puppet-women shrines and abandoned sentiments. It was somewhere between The White Company and Nan Goldin; the room oozed sensitivity and pale lust.

It was not a fast show; it felt necessary to make the time to become comfortable in the rooms and accustomed to the occasionally aggressive yet strangely unthreatening stimuli. The entire place felt very much like an invitation into worlds you aren’t part of, that both recognised and accepted your presence as an outsider.