Haskard & Haskard – Aubrey & Skylar Haskard

by sfe medusa

Brothers Skylar and Aubrey Haskard are both artists, one lives in London and the other in Los Angeles. They do not work together, the press release for their current show at Domobaal proclaims, and there is sudden joy and a strange relief that the much-touted concept of “collaboration”, so ardently rife in the creative world at the moment, is either coolly overlooked here, or just plain not welcome.

This concept of actively antisocial behaviour is reflected in Aubrey’s work ATM that sits in a reverberating corner of the room, featuring a still from the harrowing CCTV footage that captured four people gingerly stepping over an old man who had collapsed on the floor of a bank in Germany, placed next to a chirpy popcorn machine complete with glaring butter light and nonchalant-sounding elevator music. The whole thing brings to mind a Tim & Eric gag which plays on that unbearable “everything is just fine” sentiment. It is dark, humorous and telling.

Skylar’s tubular steel structures are riddled with mismatching handlebars and soft appendages that look like they’ve been used multiple times at a physiotherapy unit and smell like moths and stale green tea.

The photographs of the unnerving contraptions “modelled” by his wife, who features as a faceless body clad in a grey tracksuit, feels somewhere between a directionless teenager mucking about in a derelict abandoned playground and a diabetic struggling to walk again at an insufficiently funded hospital. The scathing look at society continues to bear its haughty head.

Perhaps the highlight of the show is Aubrey’s Dead Nature (Chicken Cottage), a wonderfully comedic and well-made selection of work that features genuine hot wings from the late-night-friendly fried chicken shop preserved in resin. The small sculptures look like mystical little trinkets, gleaming with cosmic otherworldliness and precious stone aesthetic, and all they are is rotting fast food in sticky liquid, held up by plumber’s connect piping. True beauty.