Simon Callery & Torgny Wilcke: Yellow

by sfe medusa

The youts don’t know how good they got it.


In their joint show at FOLD Gallery based on the element of ‘yellow’, British artist Simon Callery and Danish artist Torgny Wilcke treat the colour as a physical entity in itself to bridge their geographical gap and entirely reinterpret the medium of painting.

The result is a sophisticated playground, with its canary vibrancy and accessibly low bench-like structures. The repetition, of wooden slats or hanging tarpaulin reminiscent of P.E lessons, gives the sense these objects are easily replicated and mass-produceable. But it’s a friendly way of seeing replaceability, rather than the typical industrial, superficial beast idea (a concept that’s getting pretty trite now, guys).

The paintings suggest support, whether in the wall fixings suspending the material, or the upwards force the wooden structures offer for the sitter (or stander, like me, nearly breaking it of course).
You can almost feel a kind of bulging supply of potential energy in the air. The structures seem to exist on the sidelines, as an auxiliary to some other entity yet to come, it feels as if they are waiting. Back to playground antics, I guess it’s that same sense of calm stillness before a raging group of kids swarm the space, hurtling themselves towards these apparatus for a climb-fest.

But let’s go back to the moment when you’re looking at the work, before these dreaded screaming pre-pubescents arrive. It’s hard to tell whether the sensed patience is a result of the way the material crawls around and drapes the space, or the sheer life-force and spirit of the yellow. It creates a kind of yearning, but please God don’t let it be for my youth.